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Poll Results – Handing Back the power

So the results are in for the poll I ran last week to see what you guys (and gals) would like to see more of on this site. With a much lower than expected turn out, 364 post views and only 17 poll votes. I will however honour the choices of those people, the results are as
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Cosplay Interview – Bryony Harris (AKA Kaldorei Cosplay)

After meeting this young lady in CFCC (Cardiff Film & Comic Con) this past month, listening to what she had to say about the cosplay world, how she creates her costumes and the passion she hold for it all. I had to interview her. With one of the best attention to detail cosplayers I have seen
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Handing back the POWER !

Im interested to know what you would like to see on my website going forward. Here is where indeed I hand back the power. If you have any additional suggestions or if you would like to be featured on the site please use the box below to get in touch.   Like this:Like Loading…

Cardiff Film & Comic Con 3/16 – Cosplay Winners

Now the dust has starting to settle on this Spring convention in Cardiff, I want pay respect to the time, talent and effort that goes into these costumes. I want to split into a couple of categories to cover all bases. All category winners are of my own personal choosing, not swayed by opinions of others and does not mean that you are
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Cardiff Film & Comic Con – Cosplay Showcase

So with a handful of unedited photos out of the camera, I wanted to put together a small showcase of some of the awesome costumes that were on show during Sunday’s convention in Cardiff. These beautifully crafted costumes are a credit to their creators. I think I got off lightly having to only take the
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Cardiff Film & Comic Con March 2016 – The review & Round up

Another Monday, another week, and another convention finished. With the controversy of press passes far behind me I can look to the positives on this convention. This year I saw more people, took more photos, and laughed more than all of the other years combined. I experienced that I had never seen before! People were queuing up for photos
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Photomanipulation – Bioshock Splicer cosplay

As a creative type (in the loosest sense) I rarely find it necessary to share, or to have people see my SOC (Straight Outta Camera) shots. Its the un-written rule of photographers. After editing this particular photo I thought why the hell not, lets show people exactly what photos I take, and how it looks
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Announcement – Masubi Photoshoot

A chance encounter on social media, and one which I rarely frequent. Twitter does have its uses sometimes,  when those uses become fruitful I am glad for is existence. A follower (SqueakehB) had retweeted this to my feed, I had to respond. Although 2016 was going to be a cosplay free year, the temptation was to
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Photoshoot – Royal Hotel, Cardiff

With the capital of Wales surrounding us, we head inside the Royal Hotel, Cardiff for a multi purpose photoshoot. This time I have with me Amanda Bowen, a model who has been snapped many times by local photographers. Hailing originally from New Zealand, Amanda now calls Newport home with Husband James. The staff at this hotel
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Photoshoot – Little Red Riding Hood

This shoot has been done many time by many people, but I wanted to do it – But with my own stamp on it. It started after promising an aspiring model (and good friend) a photshoot that was more that just your average fashion-esque studio photoshoot. After thinking, a lot of internet research and my
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