» Cosplay Interview – Robyn Pearce (AKA Raven)

Cosplay Interview – Robyn Pearce (AKA Raven)

Cosplay Interview – Robyn Pearce (AKA Raven)

If you had read my previous blog post you would have seen me speak about a cosplayer that I met whilst at Cardiff Film & Comic Convention this past October 2015.

The Blog post can be read HERE

So the interview with Robyn has been completed and here is the first in a series of cosplay interviews

Q: How many years have you cosplayed?

A: This is the first year I’ve cosplayed, and I’m sure it definitely won’t be my last!

Q: How did you get into cosplaying?

A: I’ve always enjoyed dressing up and making costumes, but the whole cosplay side of things really started in primary school. I was a big fan of Kingdom Hearts back then (I still am!) and me and my friends would find ourselves watching cosplay videos by groups such as Parle Productions. We really admired the skill and craftsmanship that they put into creating their cosplays, not to mention how good they looked! So, since then, I’ve researched deeper into the cosplay community and lifestyle, and I thought I’d like to give it a try. I’m glad I did!
Q: What was your first convention and how did it go?

A:  My first convention was actually this year’s October Cardiff Film and Comic Con. Needless to say, it was fantastic. I was stunned as soon as I entered the main hall, and I soon found that, no matter how many times you walked past the same stall, you would always find something there you hadn’t noticed before. In all honesty, it felt pretty magical! Plus everyone I spoke to was really friendly and supportive, and seeing as everyone there had similar interests and hobbies it felt like one big community. I’m definitely going to try and go again next year!

Q: How many cons have you been to?

A: One, and that was October’s CFCC! Although it was my first, it definitely won’t be my last!

Q: How many cosplays have you done?

A: One (The Raven), and if that experience was anything to go by, I’ll be doing plenty more cosplays in the future!

///Your Cosplays///

Q: What was your first cosplay and why did you choose it?

A:  My first cosplay was The Raven, which I wore to this year’s Cardiff Film and Comic Con. I’ve always been intrigued by how fiction and poetry is interpreted by different people, and so I’ve decided to bring my own interpretation of The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe to life. I really enjoy cosplay that is open to personal interpretation, as I feel I can add something personal and unique to the character. It helps me create a connection with my chosen character, which I feel is really important, as having a connection with your character helps ignite the passion and love that goes into creating effective and aesthetically pleasing cosplays. Furthermore, I personally think that I’d feel much better cosplaying as a character who I love and feel connected with, than if I were to cosplay as a character who I don’t really have such a connection with


Q: How do you research the cosplay before you make it?

A: Well, I usually draw up a rough idea of what I want to create (usually in my mind!), and sometimes I look up images of other cosplays to see what techniques other people have decided to use. I also look through my own clothes to see if I already own any articles of clothing which could be useful to the costume. Of course, when my sewing skills improve it should be much easier to make use of old pieces which I no longer wear.

Q: Do you sew your cosplays yourself?

A: I really wish I could sew well! It would make things a lot better, as then I would be able to create more accurate pieces for my cosplays. Also, it’s a useful skill in every day life. I mean, I can sew a simple running stitch by hand, but, alas, I am not very skilled with a needle and thread at the current time. I shall improve, though, even if it does take a lot of time!

Q: If so, how did you learn to sew? If not, do you plan to learn?

A: Indeed, I do plan to learn to sew. I would like to invest in a sewing machine as well, but obviously I’d need to get my hand sewing skills up to scratch first.

Q: Do you style your own wigs?

A: I have tried, and I have failed… probably because most of the wigs I own aren’t exactly the highest quality, but it’s mostly because I am not the best at styling my own hair, let alone a wig. I do plan to get better at it, though, and it’s a skill that I would like to acquire.

Q: What was the biggest screw up you’ve had making a cosplay? A: Q: How often do you injure yourself while making a cosplay? A:


Q: Do you try to stay cheap or do you splurge on materials? A: I try to stay cheap, to be honest. Charity shops are my best friend when it comes to making any kind of costume. It’s amazing what you can find in charity shops!

///Competition/// Q: Do you compete in cosplay contests?

A: I do plan to take part in the Masquerade at next year’s CFCC, as I think it’d be a lot of fun and a fantastic experience.

Q: Do you prefer skits or walk-ons?

A: From watching others perform in masquerades both online and at this October’s CFCC, I’d say I really enjoy both! However, if I had to choose between the two, I’d say that I prefer skits, as they are a fantastic way to not only show off your costume, but to express your devotion to your character. Not to mention that skits, to me, are often more memorable.


Q: How long do you think you’ll be cosplaying for?

A:  As long as I can, to be honest. My first experience cosplaying was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had, and I really do see myself continuing to cosplay for a long time!

Q: Name a few cosplays you’re planning to do next:

A:  Ooh, there are so many that I really want to do! I definitely want to cosplay as Alex DeLarge from A Clockwork Orange at some point; it’s one of my favourite books at the moment and there are so many elements to his costume that I love, especially the eyeball cufflinks! I would also love to cosplay as Emily from Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride. One idea I’ve already had for this cosplay would be to cosplay half as Emily and half as Victor. It would take a lot of work to create the costume (all those exposed bones!), but I think that it’d definitely be possible. One more cosplay that I’m thinking about doing (probably before I attempt a Corpse Bride cosplay) would be Princess Luna from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Q: What is your dream cosplay?

A:  My dream cosplay would probably be the Corpse Bride cosplay I’ve described in the last question, to be honest! I feel that there would be so much I could do with this cosplay, but I think that I’d better get my sewing skills up to scratch before I attempt to create this cosplay. It would involve so much work, but I think that, in the end, it’ll all be worth it.

Q: What do you take into consideration when picking a character to cosplay? A:  Well, firstly I consider what I want to achieve. Then I decide why I want to cosplay as a certain character; is it because of their personality, or their aesthetic? Perhaps it could be a combination of the two, or something different entirely. After that I tend to think about how achievable this cosplay will be. Are there any clothing pieces that this character wears which I already own, or could easily customise? Similarly, I think about how much it would cost to pull off such a cosplay. I don’t plan on spending too much money on my costumes, so it’s good to know in advance how much I’d be likely to spend on a cosplay before I decide to make it.

Q: Is cosplay serious business for you? A: Q: What is your favourite thing about cosplay?

A: There are so many amazing things about cosplay that it’s hard to choose! I’d say that it was the sense of care and friendship amongst the cosplay community that really makes it so special. There’s so much support, and most people are always happy to share their experiences and tips with their fellow cosplayers. It’s like one big family, and I love it!

Q: What is your least favourite?

A: I haven’t come across anything really negative when cosplaying, to be honest. I know it sounds a bit trivial, but I’d say that the worst thing about cosplay is trying to get all of that makeup off afterwards! But even then it isn’t really bad – it’s all part of the experience of cosplay and it’s one of those little things that make it so unique.


Many thanks to Robyn for taking the time to participate in this interview. If you would like to be featured in an interview for cosplaying then please get in touch @


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