» Seamless Paper Background- Dark Brown Brick

Seamless Paper Background- Dark Brown Brick

This is the second background that i have reviewed for Creativity backgrounds in the last 12 months. I have been using this particular one for the last 3 months and here are my thoughts on it.


Company name: Creativity Backgrounds

Size: 2.1 metre x 11 metre

Cost: £66.67 (Ex-VAT)

Website: http://www.photography-backgrounds.co.uk

Packaging and postage

Within 48 hours of the order sample being confirmed the background arrived by dedicated courier in a sturdy card box and well protected

Initial setup and inspection

I originally thought that this brick effect was going to look very flat and give no dimensionally sort depth to it. Boy was i wrong

the colours are deep and rich, the effect of the bricks have been very well thought and executed to the point of my initial images has people asking where i had found “such a lovely old wall” in my area. Needless to say they were shocked when i revealed to them that it was a seamless background.

The only concern that i did have with this paper is the irregular lining that was running the entire width of the paper at random points.


Gemma Studio 17062015-4294-Edit



This paper has been carted in and out of the studio over two dozen times and rolled and unrolled countless times more in its use. Not once has it ever caused problem, nor has it faded or pleached when the brick side was left in front of a south facing window for over two weeks.

The bonus with this paper is that you can use the reverse side as a white background and it hold up very well if you wanted to go down that route.


I had no problem in returning to Creativity backgrounds for another sample roll of paper as i know from the first time around that the quality would be amazing. After numerous Conventions and many sets of high heels and shoes the paper did not puncture, tear, split of an anyway cause problem.

Overall Conclusion.

Exceptionally please with the overall performance of this one of the new types of backgrounds that they have,. One reccomendation that i would make is that you buy the deluxe background stand from Creativity background as the more lightweight versions will struggle to hold this 11meter roll of paper up in the air.

Sample Images

Cardiff Anime & Gaming Con 2015 - Saturday-40

Cardiff Anime & Gaming Con 2015 - Saturday-51 Portfolio1-6 Portfolio1-2 Wedding dresses 120815-121-163


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