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Studio Background Stand & seamless paper – Creativity Backgrounds

Superior Compact Deluxe Stand & seamless paper

Website: http://www.photography-backgrounds.co.uk/

Contact Tel: 01384 485550

This was my first time to review a photography seamless paper background & stand.


I have spend many an evening searching the internet for a suitable studio background and framework that would be robust enough to withstand the constant moving around from location to location. It had to be easily installed and setup to minimize fuss at the location and most of all be a quality costed product to ensure longevity to maximize whilst keeping cost down.

I had initially found Creativity Backgrounds through my internet searching and after speaking to a fellow photographer who had used them for many years. He is a trusted source of support, information and a highly skilled fashion photographer. So i went ahead and contacted CB asking if they would be interested in supplying me with any materials that they felt would do well though exposure of local photographer using networking events and location shoots that are sometimes shared with other up and coming photographers looking to purchase their own kit for studio shooting.

Not only were Creativity Backgrounds more than happy to supply me with a seamless background for me to use and review, they also offered the loan of one of their deluxe photography studio stands. This is generosity that i had never seen from any other UK based photographic supplier in all the reviews that i had carried out.


The items had been delivered less than 48 hours after speaking with Creativity backgrounds, which on a standard turnaround is exceptional in my experiences.

The background came suitable packed in its own carry case, every separate component having its own individual pocket for storage and to ensure that no damage could be caused to subsequent equipment pieces.

Below are some images that were taken whilst on location at a clients home.

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The seamless paper that was used in this instance was the car size (2.08 metre (6′ 10″)  Storm grey, This is a really beautiful colour for mono shots, and with the right camera settings you can easily get it to turn white or Jet black.

The paper was absolutely flawless and the quality was of that ive never seen before. After nearly 2 hours of 7 people trampling over the part laying on the floor there were very little signs of wear and tear to the paper. This is a very highly recommended paper. Not only in this colour but in all of the different material types, shades, patterns and sizes.

some of the sample images that were taken using this set up is shown below.

CB review 2013- CB review 2013-2 CB review 2013--2 CB review 2013-11CB review 2013--3 CB review 2013--4 CB review 2013--5CB review 2013--6








This truly is the best value for money product that i have had the pleasure of using.

If you would like to see more of what Creativity backgrounds has to offer please visit their website http://www.photography-backgrounds.co.uk/


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