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Poll Results – Handing Back the power

So the results are in for the poll I ran last week to see what you guys (and gals) would like to see more of on this site. With a much lower than expected turn out, 364 post views and only 17 poll votes. I will however honour the choices of those people, the results are as
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Cosplay Interview – Bryony Harris (AKA Kaldorei Cosplay)

After meeting this young lady in CFCC (Cardiff Film & Comic Con) this past month, listening to what she had to say about the cosplay world, how she creates her costumes and the passion she hold for it all. I had to interview her. With one of the best attention to detail cosplayers I have seen
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Cardiff Film & Comic Con March 2016 – The review & Round up

Another Monday, another week, and another convention finished. With the controversy of press passes far behind me I can look to the positives on this convention. This year I saw more people, took more photos, and laughed more than all of the other years combined. I experienced that I had never seen before! People were queuing up for photos
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Announcement – Masubi Photoshoot

A chance encounter on social media, and one which I rarely frequent. Twitter does have its uses sometimes,  when those uses become fruitful I am glad for is existence. A follower (SqueakehB) had retweeted this to my feed, I had to respond. Although 2016 was going to be a cosplay free year, the temptation was to
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Vintage Modelling day @ Annex Studios

Sunday 24/1/16 Vintage Fashion modelling day held at Annex Studios, Cwmbran. South Wales. This is the first time for me to visit these studios, and I was presently surprised as their setup. A spacious kitchenette/ sitting area at front of house, two fairly large studio rooms and a further one room that was being used
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Corporate photograph usage

New Content added

As the website takes on another iteration and needing to clean up the amount of images stored on here. The following will now be happening in the Shaun Gibbs Photography realm with immediate effect The inclusion of the following categories within the new Portfolio tab: Cosplay Portrait Motorsport Photo Manipulation All general photos taken at
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Cosplay Interview – Robyn Pearce (AKA Raven)

If you had read my previous blog post you would have seen me speak about a cosplayer that I met whilst at Cardiff Film & Comic Convention this past October 2015. The Blog post can be read HERE So the interview with Robyn has been completed and here is the first in a series of
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Post Con Cosplay review – The Raven

Very rarely does a cosplayer comes along to leave me with thought, intrigue and more questions than answers ! But it has, and I sit her writing this post while the gentle yet soothing spoken word of Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven” penetrates my mind, every word absorbed, evey moment staring at this photo and thinking why, and
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Cardiff Comic & Film Con October 2015

I scrape my head from the pillow to the soft thud of blood pumping its way to my sore head, the clock ticks with the hush of planets colliding. This is reality kicks in and I know its all over. The weekend at Cardiff Conic and Film convention is over but i’m still buzzing, my phone has decided enough is enough
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